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Dr Meredith Crowhurst – BA/BSc(hon), BVSc(hon), PhD

Dr Meredith (Merry) completed a Bachelor of Arts (history) and Bachelor of Science degree (biochemistry, pathology, with honours) in 1999. She then completed a PhD in genetics and developmental biology at the University of Melbourne, in 2005. Wanting to practice clinical medicine and help animals and owners, Meredith went on to complete her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree (with honours) in 2008. Since graduating almost 15 years ago, Meredith has practiced as a small animal (dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets) veterinarian, working in numerous clinics as well as with mobile veterinary services across western Melbourne.

Meredith understands the importance of the human-animal bond, knowing that pets are an important part of the family. Her passions are in both medicine and surgery. She is an experienced and thorough diagnostician, with a drive to determine the underlying cause/s to treat medical problems correctly from the beginning.

Meredith is also very experienced in surgery, capable of both routine as well as complex surgeries, including eye surgery, lump removals, caesareans, intestinal foreign body surgery, bladder stone removal, anal gland removal, extracapsular cruciate surgery, and more. As a veterinarian, Meredith aims to be empathetic, caring, thorough, and gentle.

Dr Meredith is also passionate about informing the public on animal health and veterinary issues and runs a blog Instagram and Facebook account – DrMerryOliveVeterinarian.

At various times, Dr Meredith has been parent to a mouse, rat, bird, guinea pigs, rabbit, dogs, and cats. Not to mention all the various sick animals that have had short stays in her ensuite for overnight care, a duck being the messiest! Four cats (Soxy, Sam, Taylor, and Mabel) and a new cocker spaniel puppy (Daisy) – all currently rule the roost.

Dr Ebrahim Bani Hassan DVM DVSc PhD GCALL GCUT

Dr Ebrahim (Ebi) is an international graduate, completing his undergraduate veterinary science degree at the Azad University of Tabriz in 2002. He went on to complete a residency at the University of Tehran in 2008, passing membership and fellowship exams to become a specialist (in his country*) in large animal medicine. After moving to Australia, he completed a PhD in horse biomechanics and musculoskeletal pathophysiology at the University of Melbourne (2014), followed by post-doctoral positions and pursued his career as an academic and clinical practitioner. Dr Ebrahim has a wealth of compassion and knowledge to share and enjoys practicing as a vet in both small and large animal medicine.

Dr Ebrahim owns a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, called Zigy, also referred to affectionately as ‘ma boy’. Zigy prefers sleeping to reading veterinary textbooks, as featured in photos.

(*Having not undertaken a residency nor sat the fellowship exams in Australia, Dr Ebrahim does not claim to be a recognized large animal specialist in Australia.)

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