Strays and wildlife

Found a lost animal?

At this stage, we are unable to accept strays, lost animals, or wildlife. If you have found an animal, please contact the local Wyndham ranger on 1300 023 411.

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Have you lost your pet?

If you have lost an animal, please read: Lost Animals | Wyndham City

Have you found injured wildlife?

If you have found an injured wildlife, please contact: 03 8400 7300 or see Wildlife Victoria – Contact

If you have found an injured bird or wildlife, please take it to a physical veterinary clinic, either a 24-hour emergency clinic or a regular vet clinic during standard hours. Note that Wildlife Victoria only takes on native Wildlife. Introduced species are classed as pests. As such, veterinarians are legally obliged to euthanise non-native injured wildlife. Wildlife Victoria is frequently sort for species identification prior to such an outcome.


A special note on baby birds. If you find a baby bird alone on the ground, please be aware that this is often a normal process when fledgling baby birds are first learning to fly. The parents kick them out of the nest and the fledgling forages on the ground whilst first learning to fly. They may look lost and alone but usually the parents are nearby, keeping a close eye on it and bringing it food. Unless the bird is in immediate danger or injured, the best chance for that bird is to leave it alone. If you bring it to a clinic and it is non-native or if it is too young to survive without assisted feeding, then the chances for survival are slim. Too many birds have their life ended early because they are inadvertently kidnapped by the well-meaning public.

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